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2023 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: How First 14 Picks Will Unfold

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

The 2023 NBA Draft starts on Thursday. Here is how the lottery picks will unfold. Take a look at my 2023 NBA Draft bets.

1. San Antonio Spurs select Victor Wembanyama C, France

2. Charlotte Hornets select Brandon Miller SF, Alabama

3. Portland Trail Blazers select Scoot Henderson PG, G League Ignite

4. Houston Rockets select Amen Thompson PG, Overtime Elite

5. Detroit Pistons select Ausar Thompson SF, Overtime Elite

6. Orlando Magic select Anthony Black PG, Arkansas

7. Indiana Pacers select Jarace Walker PF, Houston

8. Washington Wizards select Cam Whitmore SF, Villanova

9. Utah Jazz select Taylor Hendricks PF, UCF

10. Dallas Mavericks select Dereck Lively II C, Duke

11. Orlando Magic select Gradey Dick SF, Kansas

12. Oklahoma City Thunder select Kobe Bufkin SG, Michigan

13. Toronto Raptors select Bilal Coulibaly SF, France

14. New Orleans Pelicans select Jalen Hood-Schifino PG, Indiana

For several weeks, I look at mock drafts everyday in order to find value bets on the NBA Draft. Doing this research has allowed me to hit longshots annually on the NFL Draft and NBA Draft. Last year, my +3000 bet on Benneduct Mathurin to go fifth overall closed at -120 on FanDuel. It did not hit, but it was still a valuable wager. This year, I hit a +7500 on Jake Moody to go to the 49ers and +3500 on the Buffalo Bills to draft a tight end with their first selection just by studying mock drafts and following the tweets of various NFL reporters. Applying that strategy to the NBA Draft, this is how I ultimately think the NBA Draft lottery will unfold, given talent, draft positioning, and team needs.

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