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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Some of y'all know me as a blogger. Others may know me as a sports bettor. Bookies know me as the Blue Mamba, the mysterious blue beast that wreaks havoc on their bank accounts every fall. What you may not know is I really do have extraordinary fantasy football. I'm a fantasy football legend. If there was a Hall of Fame for fantasy football, I'd be first-ballot. I'm so dominant that Tom Brady calls me the GOAT. I'm a total beast. I hibernate all offseason, so I know a thing or two about draft sleepers. During the season, I'm a hawk on the waiver wire. As soon as major news breaks across the league, I'm always the first one to scoop up the hottest commodities in the free agent market. I'm so plugged in that Adam Schefter contacts me for inside information. As a team manager, I'm as cutthroat as they come. One year, I intentionally benched several players in the last week of the regular season, just so I could have a more favorable playoff matchup. I ended up winning the league, despite the fact that I would've lost in the semifinals against my projected playoff opponent. PPR is my one true kryptonite, though. PPR leagues neutralize my superhuman abilities. They render me a mere mortal in fantasy football. As Supreme Leader of the #OutlawPPR Movement, it is my life's mission to get PPR leagues outlawed across the lands. You should only play in standard-scoring leagues. Here's why.

PPR makes the elite pass-catching running backs unstoppable.

Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, and Dalvin Cook are absolute nightmares to play against in PPR leagues. If you're not blessed with a top-3 pick, you begin the season at a significant disadvantage. These guys put up WR1 running back. If they're healthy, they can singlehandedly wreck your season with 40 point outbursts in any given week. Nobody you'd draft in late round 1 is nearly as dangerous from week to week. It's unfair.

PPR diminishes the value of the deep threat.

Why are Cole Beasleys more valuable than DeSean Jacksons? Slot receivers get artificially boosted for no reason. There's nothing inherently good about catching a pass. You can literally catch a screen pass, lose five yards, and still gain points for your fantasy football team. How does your team get rewarded in fantasy for a negative play? At the end of the day, it is the yards gained or points scored from the catch that matters. In PPR leagues, forget about drafting low-volume deep threats. These game-breaking talents are irrelevant in PPR leagues. They don't catch enough passes.

PPR blurs the lines of the fantasy football hierarchy.

Runners, pass-catchers, quarterback, kicker/defense. That is the fantasy football caste system. It's the way it's always been. We all know this. I don't make the rules. PPR makes your weekly FLEX decisions so much harder. Do you go with the slot receiver who'll receive a bunch of catches or the running back who'll receive a bulk of the carries near the goal line? In standard scoring leagues, yards and touchdowns are all that matters. In PPR leagues, you have to consider an additional element of the game: pass-catching. This needlessly makes start/sit decisions much more complicated.

PPR is inherently stupid.

In 2020, Derrick Henry wasn't the top scorer in PPR fantasy leagues. You read that right. Derrick Henry, the guy that rushed for 2k yards and 17 scores last year, was not the top point scorer. If he isn't the Fantasy Football MVP, you're doing your league wrong. Many PPR advocates say, "It's better because it's higher scoring." It's not. If scoring really mattered that much, then just revise the point scoring system. Offer to add points for carries. They'll quickly shoot that down and call it dumb. It's literally the same idea as points per reception. It's just rewarding players for doing their job. Why should catching the ball be worth one whole point? You're telling me that catching a screen pass is the equivalent of a ten yard rush? That's insanity. PPR is affirmative action for pass-catchers, and I believe it's unjust. The Jarvis Landrys and JD McKissics of the world should not be considered lethal threats to your fantasy football team each week.

Stop this madness, and sign the #OutlawPPR petition.


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