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Write Down Lines for All 17 Games Before Week 1

Always wise to keep these lines in mind to avoid recency bias, especially in the first couple months of the season. Sometimes, you can find value betting on teams that start slow or fading teams that start hot. The results of the first few games will likely have an impact on the spreads in later games. Avoid overreacting to recent results. On some sportsbooks, you can bet on games that are weeks away. Find the teams you really like this year, and consider laying a future wager on a game that will occur later in the season. For instance, I love the Broncos -1.5 vs the Jaguars in Week 2. I think the line will eventually move on this game, so I already placed a wager on it to make sure that I get the number I want. You can find the lines for all regular season games here.


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