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Avoid Taking QBs Early in Fantasy Football Drafts

This is counter-intuitive to some fantasy football players, especially inexperienced ones. Quarterback is the most valuable position in real life football, but in fantasy football, it is not. Running backs and wide receivers provide far greater value. Focus on drafting running backs early and then address the tight end and wide receiver positions. It is usually best to wait until the end of the draft to take a quarterback. Some players will draft a quarterback as early as round three. This is a critical mistake. The running backs, receivers, and tight ends you could draft in round 3 are far superior to the running backs, receivers, and tight ends you could draft in later rounds. Allow other players to draft highly-rated quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Stockpile the other position groups and then address the quarterback position later. Injuries happen throughout the season, so do not be afraid to stash potentially high-value bench players before selecting a quarterback. Always draft a defense and kicker with your last two selections.

More fantasy football content will be released in the coming weeks. There will be articles on fantasy football draft strategy, sleeper picks, and boom-or-bust candidates. Be sure to check it out.


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