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Use 2021 Win Totals When Judging Strength of Schedule

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It is foolish to determine the strength of a team’s schedule by referencing the 2020 winning percentage of its opponents. Some teams improve. Some teams decline. Some teams add great players in free agency and via the draft. Some teams lose a great deal of talent. Coaching staffs change, too. Should the Pittsburgh Steelers be considered a dangerous opponent in 2021? They won 12 games last year. How about the 2021 New Orleans Saints, who still don’t have a starting quarterback? They won 12 games, too. Should the 2021 Falcons really be considered a 4-12 team? What about the 6-10 Dallas Cowboys? Instead of using last year’s winning percentage, you should look at 2021 win totals to determine the strength of a team’s schedule. That’s a better indicator of how difficult the season will be. It’s also wise to research rest day advantage, kickoff times, travel miles, and other scheduling quirks.


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