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Be Aware of Contract Incentives in NFL Week 18

The final week of the NFL regular season means more to some than others. Every year, there's a handful of NFL players who are a couple of sacks, receptions, or yards away from fulfilling a performance clause in their contract. Do some research on these contract incentives because there's usually hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. In the past, teams have been known to funnel targets to pass-catchers, who are close to meeting their performance thresholds. Obviously, it's much harder for defensive players to accumulate stats, so target pass-catchers on teams with little to play for. Bubble screens are the perfect way for players to rack up catches. Since some teams are already eliminated, these teams will care less about winning the game in the second half and more about getting their guys paid. Three guys who should be targeted are Stefon Diggs, Rob Gronkowski, and AJ Green.


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