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NFL Week 7 is the Week of the Wong Teaser

Updated: Oct 17

What is a Wong teaser?

To do a "Wong teaser" is to tease 1-2.5 point underdogs or 7.5-9.5 point favorites. Wong teasers are great value bets for sports bettors because bettors receive the benefit of teasing through the key numbers of 3 and 7. The most common margins of victory in the NFL are 3 and 7, so getting over a touchdown on a team that Vegas thinks should not be given a field goal is extremely valuable. The same logic applies to giving less than a field goal for a team that Vegas thinks should be favored by more than a touchdown. Sportsbooks like FanDuel have taken notice of these +EV wagers and have moved to price their 2 team/6 point teasers at -134. Do not place teaser bets on FanDuel. You are getting screwed on the odds. Shop around for better odds.

Here are the potential Wong teaser spots for NFL Week 7. I highlighted the ones that I already bet.

IND +2 ➡️ +8

ATL +2.5 ➡️ +8.5

JAX +1.5 ➡️ +7.5

DET +2.5/3 ➡️ +8.5/9

BUF -7.5 ➡️ -1.5

NYG +2 ➡️ +8

SEA -7.5 ➡️ -1.5

DEN +2 ➡️ +8

MIA +2.5 ➡️ +8.5

SF -7 ➡️ -1

As always, lines are fluid, so teasing a 3 point underdog or 7 point favorite is fine. The key idea is to bet favorites down below a field goal and underdogs up above a touchdown. One of my biggest positions of the year is BUF -1.5/SF -1 teaser. If you want to follow my weekly teaser bets, search #bmteasers on X. If you want to follow my weekly spread and totals bets, search #bakin5 on X. I am currently 58-36-1 (62%) on spreads and totals. I finished 75-50-4 (60%) against-the-spread last season. I also handed out a 35/1 first touchdown bet on NYG/BUF that hit.


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