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Bakin' 5: NFL Week 13 Best Bets

Bakin' 5 is my version of Colin Cowherd's Blazin' 5. Every Friday, Cowherd announces his Blazin' 5 picks on his FS1 show, The Herd. The sports media personality selects his five favorite NFL bets of the week. On Bakin' 5, I post my favorite against-the-spread NFL bets for each week. Minimum of 5.

Let's bake it up!

Colin Cowherd likes the Raiders +1, Niners -3.5, Titans +4.5, Lions -1, and Jets +3. I bet the Titans +6.5, Saints +6, Seahawks -4.5, Giants +2, Chiefs -2, Colts +11, Raiders +2, and Niners -3.5. My official Twitter thread for Week 13 picks can be found here.

NFL Week 13 Odds as of December 3, 2022

New York (A) vs. Minnesota (-3)

Denver vs. Baltimore (-9.5)

Pittsburgh (-1) vs. Atlanta

Jacksonville vs. Detroit (-1)

Tennessee vs. Philadephia (-4.5)

Cleveland (-7) vs. Houston

Washington (-1.5) vs. New York (N)

Green Bay (-3.5) v. Chicago

Seattle (-7) v. Los Angeles (N)

Miami v. San Francisco (-3.5)

Los Angeles (A) v. Las Vegas (-1)

Kansas City (-2.5) v. Cincinnati

Indianapolis v. Dallas (-10.5)

New Orleans v. Tampa Bay (-3.5)

2022 Bakin' 5 Record: 40-30-3 (57%)

Check my Twitter account for official recommendations. Bet earlier in the week to lock in more favorable numbers. Odds are courtesy of FanDuel.


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You can watch the video of Cowherd's Blazin' 5 here.

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