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Avoiding Teasing High Totals and Through the Zero

The higher the total, the less valuable each point is. A lot of points are expected to be scored. The lower the total, the more valuable each point is. Less points are expected to be scored. It is wise to consider teasing down on games with especially low totals (42 and under). Each point comes at a premium, so you extract more value when teasing down on low totals. Also, try to avoid teasing through the zero. You lose a whole point worth of value crossing through the zero. Also, it’s usually worthless to tease a team to +1 or +2 because most games are won by 3 or more. If you enjoy teasing, consider using Wong teasers more often. Ideally, you want to tease through the 3 and the 7. This week, the Indianapolis Colts (+2) vs the Miami Dolphins are a terrific teasing candidate.


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